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About Us

Consumer Advocacy for Food Safety and Nutrition Initiative (CAFSANI), is an established NGO having its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, with CAC registration number IT/NO137756, and committed trustees of proven integrity and objectives that align with those of your esteemed organization in the areas of food safety, nutrition and consumer protection.

Our organization, CAFSANI, has been established specifically to serve as an advocacy platform in Nigeria and beyond as may be necessary, similar to those existing in other countries, to inform, protect, educate and promote consumer interests against the increasing incidences of sharp and unwholesome practices in the area of food safety and nutrition.


The aims and objectives of the association are:

• To serve as an advocacy group for the protection of the Nigerian consuming public against the growing incidences of sharp, unwholesome practices in the area of food safety and nutrition in Nigeria.

• To bring to the attention of the consuming public the incidences of food fraud, and how marketers, wholesalers and retailers can mislead consumers on nutritional contents of products.

• To draw the attention of the consuming public on the processed foods which are at variance with the expectations of the unsuspecting consumer and which have adverse consequences on the health and well-being of the general public.

• To provide an advocacy platform for promoting best food safety practices in the areas of food hygiene, sanitation, food handling and safe storage.

• To promote the development of the value chain between the producer and the consumer in terms of protecting and safeguarding the right of the consumer to access value-driven, qualitative and safe foods.

• To promote consumer education and awareness of nutritious foods and emerging innovative technologies through advocacy and alert the general public on unscientific myths in circulation, banned additives and wrong use of agro-chemicals and food poisoning incidences

• To provide research support to regulators in promoting and safeguarding consumers against false product claims and in ensuring and optimizing nutrient quality, availability, affordability and convenience to the public.

• To partner with regulators, national, international development partners and other relevant stakeholders on public awareness campaigns that will promote better compliance with the national food fortification and safety programmes in Nigeria for the benefit of consumers.

• To promote the use of innovation and technology for driving increased consumer awareness and access to cheap, affordable and more nutritious foods.