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Food fraud in our Food Supply System….Everything you need to know about it…..

Food Fraud is any deception in the use of food products, ingredients, or/and packaging materials for economic gains and undue advantage. 

What The Public Needs to Know About Food Allergies……

The increasing prevalence, public interest, and sensitization about allergies require attention to foods consumed particularly out-of-home foods. Processors must fully declare ingredients in their products with labels bearing the necessary allergen information for a better consumer choice.  https://bit.ly/3zzgLu9

CAFSANI’s Advocacy Brief Presented at the Technical Experts/Stakeholders Meeting on the Review of the Food Safety and Quality Bill

The Food Safety and Quality Bill was drafted in 2018 to protect consumers’ health from hazards that may be present in food and animal feed. The scope covers all stages of production, processing, preparation, packaging, storage and distribution of food and feed commodities undertaken in a food or feed business. However, the governance structure may

A Call to Action: Improving Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices at Factory Level

It should be pointed out that industry stands to benefit more by improving on adherence to quality assurance specifications and implementation of Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices. When quality is assured, the product speaks for itself, and the Nigerian consumer does not require any further incentive to promote such products, in and outside Nigeria!

The MFI: Finally, A New Mark of Brand Quality Excellence for the Nigerian Food Fortification Industry

This mark will be a significant turning point in in the food industry in terms of improved quality culture, practices and compliance to both national and international standards.

Webinar Series 2: Genetically Modified Foods: The Science, Nutrition and Safety Concerns

Consumers have been eating GM foods since 1996; no evidence so far of any harm from GM. International organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), have examined the evidence of safety and have indicated that GM foods are not less safe. CAFSANI Webinar Series – 2 Topic: Genetically Modified Foods:

Webinar Series 1: The Increasing Number of Eateries and Franchised Fast Food Outlets in Nigeria: Implications for Food Safety Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The preponderance of eateries and franchised food outlets in most cities and towns in Nigeria has been associated with increased consumption of highly refined processed foods… the responsibility of the operators must be to ensure that the nutritional contents of the foods served in their QSR outlets are made known to consumers in form of

Why Consumer Advocacy For Food Safety Is Key In Nigeria —Dr Oluwatola

Why consumer advocacy for food safety is key in Nigeria —Dr Oluwatola Climate challenge is coming as a result of unsustainable consumption, because they have destroyed those things, producing oxygen. Mangrove forest has been tampered with. So, it’s the failure that is affecting the whole world.

Nutrition Connect ‘In Focus’ series sits down with people at the cutting edge of improving nutrition outcomes to understand their perspective, passions and latest projects. Today Nutrition Connect talks with Prof. Olugbenga Ben Ogunmoyela, Founder and Executive Director of the Consumer Advocacy for Food Safety and Nutrition Initiative (CAFSANI).

Tell us a little about yourself… I grew up with my grandparents in Ifon, Ondo State – a rural area in South Western Nigeria. At University I studied agriculture, with a specialisation in biochemistry and nutrition, then studied at the Univeristy of Reading in the UK where I earned both an MSc and a PhD

CAFSANI & Glytabs Consulting Flyer.

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