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Food Safety: A Quick Take on the Past 30 Years and a Look at What’s Ahead

To mark National Food Safety Education Month—and 30 years since Jack in the Box—Bratager outlined the progress that’s been made and the challenges and opportunities that

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Tackling Hunger and Nutrition on a Global Scale-A world with nutritious food for all.

IFT's Food and Nutrition Security Steering Committee is offering solutions to the challenges of hunger and food waste--and building

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Front-of-Pack/Back-of-Pack Labelling…Do you know what you eat?

The public will benefit from synergistic efforts of governmental and non-governmental regulatory and advocatory organizations to enlighten on the need for FoP nutrition labeli

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Consensus NHF-CAFSANI Summit on Food, Drinks and Cardiovascular Health: A Multisectoral Approach to Reducing NCDs in Nigeria…Working together, we can do this

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are defined as chronic diseases of long duration with a generally slow progression, which arise from both modifiable and non-modifiable risk f

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FAO Director-General makes urgent global call for action on food security at sustainable development conference

New York- In a keynote speech delivered at the 11th annual International Development Conference of Sustainable Development (ICSD), the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the

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